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Rules of Bingo 75, 80, 90 ball - how to win the jackpot

BINGO!!Bingo with 75, 80 and 90 balls

Usually gaming sites offer a traditional British bingo for 90 balls, and the U.S. version of 75 balls.

In case of bingo with 90 balls there are, in total, 3 chances to win: first - closing one line, the second - two lines, and the third – to cover all the numbers on the card, as they say - Full House. In bingo with 75 balls to win the jackpot, you have to finish the game, closing the entire scheme on your card.

The draw itself in any of the bingo variants (as well as in conventional lotteries) occurs at a specific time (with various intervals) during rotation of lottery drum with numbered balls. After the drum stops, the leader pulls out balls one by one and announces the winning number out loud. However, this applies to the real version of game, the online version is much easier.

Bingo with 90 balls (UK version)

Bingo cards for 90 balls (as well as in loto or lotto) consist of three horizontal rows and 9 columns. Each row contains 5 numbered and 4 empty cells, so that each card contains 15 randomly selected numbers from 1 to 90. Numbers 1 to 9 are located in the first column, 10 to 19, respectively, in the second and so on. You can buy one card or multiple (the more cards you purchased at the game the more chances to win you have). Usually the players get six cards.

Bingo with 90 ballsOne line
At the first stage of the game you play on the same line. The card wins when a player closes all five numbers on any of the horizontal rows.

The two lines
The game continues, and players now play on two lines. To win in the second round it is necessary to close all the numbers on any of two rows of one card.

Full House
the final stage of bingo of 90 balls is the game Full House. To win in this stage, you should be the first player to close all 15 numbers on the card. The win increases at each stage of the bingo games and the winner who has a Full House gets the main prize. If there are several winners who got the right combination, the prize is divided equally between them.

Note: In online bingo you can choose to autofill the called numbers. That means that as soon as the balls are pulled out, the numbers that match will be marked automatically marked in the card and you will only have to wait for the end of the game.

Bingo with 75 balls (U.S. Version)

Bingo with 75 ballsThe card for bingo with 75 balls is divided into 25 cells 5x5. That is, five horizontal rows and five columns. Columns on each ticket are under the letters "B", "I", "N", "G" and "O" respectively. In the column "B" there are the numbers from 1 to 15, in "I" - 16 to 30 and so on.

The central cell is free (no number) and is already closed. The numbers are randomly distributed in each column. One number can only appear once in each card. Bingo with 75 balls is the American version and is the most popular in the U.S.

Unlike 90 balls bingo, where the numbers are crossed out in straight rows, the goal of this game is to close the numbers according to the specific scheme which is specified by the leader before the beginning of the game. There are many different scheme options for 75 balls bingo (there are about 300), starting from the simplest versions with one or two lines (in the form of a "T", for example) to the "full card".

The one who covers the necessary scheme on one of the cards wins and as in Bingo with 90 balls it is called Full House. If several players do this at the same time, the prize is divided equally between them. If several schemes are played at the same time, the prize fund is divided by the corresponding number of parts.

You can read more about American Bingo and its various schemes on the next page >>

Bingo with 80 balls

Bingo with 80 ballsThis version of game is relatively new and is like a simplified version of the bingo with 75 balls. The game uses cards with a square field, divided into 16 cells (4x4).
In the first column there are numbers from 1 to 20, in the second the numbers are from 21 to 40 and so on.

Often the columns are of different colors, as well as the corresponding balls with numbers.

Rules of game with 80 and 75 balls are very similar and differ only in the number of numbers and in the grid of the cards (in 80 balls bingo there is not empty cell in the middle and the average number of cells is less). The rules of the game are the same, you have to close all the numbers in accordance with the terms of the draw: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, in the form of X, the four corners, or the entire card. These are the basic options, but various schemes offered before the game also can be used, as in bingo with 75 balls.

80 ball version is still not that popular, but since the game is an interesting alternative to other types of bingo, it is growing rapidly.

How to win the jackpot?

Jackpot - winning!In all the bingo games you have a chance to win the jackpot. In various gaming establishments, as well as sites the conditions to win the jackpot can vary. For example, you get it if you were the first player with the Full House for a certain number of games, or you covered all 15 numbers on the card for the minimum number of dropped balls.

All the jackpots are progressive, which means that they grow with each draw. Also, their value varies depending on the complexity of the game. If nobody won the jackpot, it will continue to grow for the next game! The smaller jackpots are usually easier to win and the bigger ones are usually much harder to win.

Purchasing of the tickets.

Between each draw you have some time (about 3 minutes), to choose which card you want to buy and / or how many. Just click the "Select" button on each ticket you like and when you are finished, click on the "Buy" button.

You can buy new tickets by clicking on the refresh button at any time on many sites. The tickets you have bought previously simply will not be updated. When you press any of the buttons: 6, 12, 18, 24, or MAX, you can buy as many tickets as you want. In the following articles, please read more about the purchasing of the tickets and deposit >>
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