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Terminology of Bingo game and lotto

Bingo game roomThe key terms – the beginning of the game

Game Room
or in the online version of Bingo also known as Bingo room. In the online bingo rooms there may be a few rooms for the game. The games there have different limits and modifications.

Card (ticket)
- a game card with the appropriate grid (cells) and the numbers (5x5 cells for 75 balls bingo, 9x3 cells for 90 balls bingo (lotto) and 4x4 for 80 balls bingo).

- a disposable paper card (game card).

Bingo Board
(screen, panel) – an electronic display or a special screen (in online bingo) which shows the numbers.

(entrance fee) - a mandatory cash deposit for participation in the game.

Admission Packet
("Start Package") - a certain amount of game cards (usually from three to eight) that you have to purchase to participate in the drawing. In some institutions there is a mandatory minimum for participation in the game also called the "entrance fee".

(Purchase) - the purchase of bingo cards or "starter package".

- an evening or day program consisting of regular games. The session usually lasts somewhere between two and a half hours and three hours and 15 minutes.

Filling game cards – schemes of Bingo

(marker) - in the "offline" bingo, dauber is a marker to mark (cross out) the pulled numbers on the game card.
Dauber - marker for bingo
(pattern or template) - scheme to fill the playing card that is offered to the players before the start of the game. The first player to cover all the numbers according to the offered scheme wins. Schemes may be different starting from simple (e.g., "diagonal", "four corners", "inner square", etc) to more complex in the form of certain figures (e.g. "bow tie", "happy face" etc.), as well as in the form of the letters and even words (e.g. "T", "Z", "HI" etc.).

Four corners
- is one of the simplest schemes to win at bingo. To win, you must be the first to close the four corners of the card.

Blackout or Coverall 75
("Entire filling") - a scheme in which to win you should cover all the cells of a game cards.

Full House
("The entire card") - the final stage in bingo for 90 balls (lotto), where to win the main prize you have to cover the entire game card (15 numbers).

Free Space
("free cell") - an empty cell in the center of the bingo card of 75 balls (5x5 cells), which by default is considered to be closed.

Hard-Way Bingo
(hard bingo) - schemes with straight lines without a "free cell".


(leader) - in the "offline" bingo caller is a person who shouts out the numbers as they pull out.

Lotto (Lototron) -
the cage or a glass tube in which rotate bingo balls.

Early Bird
- the game played before the main gaming session starts. Sometimes it is referred to the first game of the session, although the most common use of the first game is Warm Up.

Money Ball
- a ball which is taken out before the Games. If the player ends the scheme with this number and wins, the win will be doubled.
Big win at bingo!
Eyes Down
- a special signal that announces the start of the game.

- a handy option in the online bingo for automatic purchase of the cards before the start of each game.

- one more, not less convenient option for automatically fill in of the card.

- the number that the player needs to complete a winning bingo scheme. When a player needs to win two numbers, it is called Wait of the Wait.

- the checking of the correctness of filling the winning cards.

- the final and highest paid amount of money in American Bingo, where only 48, 49 or 50 balls are pulled out, and the first player to fill in all the cells wins. Also there are other names of this game such as "On the track" or "Fade".

Progressive Jackpot
– Jackpot that grows form one game to the other until it is won.

Consolation Prize
- a prize or prizes, played in addition, for example, if there is no winner in the main drawing.

- a percentage of the entry fees paid out to the winners. An average payment of all bingo-halls is approximately 75%.

Wrap up
- the last game of the session.

Multiple Winners
- two or more winners in the bingo that closed the entire card. When this happens, the prize is divided between them. For example, if you have five winners in the game for $500, each of them will receive $100.
Bingo - gameplay
After Game
- additional game after the end of the regular session of games.

Varieties of Bingo

Market Bingo
– an "offline" type of game in which, instead of money prize the material prizes are played out (they can also be goods), or coupons for them.

Basket Bingo
– almost the same as the "Market Bingo", in which the winner gets some goods in a basket.

- a game in which prizes are given in the form of cash taken from the total pot (entry fees).


(Random Number Generator) - a machine (a program), which is used to select the number of bingo. Most of them are electronic (software) and are used in both online and offline versions of the game.

Chat Room
- a monitor or screen in online bingo, where you can read and send messages to other players.

Front of House
- in the "offline" bingo, the closest to the front door table.
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