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Buy a bingo ticket online (purchase of bingo cards)

For those who find it difficult to buy a bingo ticket online, we will the process using an example of one of the bingo rooms. In fact, most sites use the same Virtue Fusion (or similar) software, so that the process of buying tickets and the game is almost the same everywhere.

Once you are logged in under your username / password, you can choose one of the games
taking place at the moment, or of those that begin after a while. After that, the pop-up window will open the gameplay interface, where you can see multiple windows.
Usually there is the main game window with tickets and the number called out. At the top there is all the information about your account, the game (ticket price, number of players, etc.), the chat window and a window with additional games (slots), which can be played at the same time.

The games usually take place one after another and during one game you can buy tickets to the next one. If you play bingo with 75 balls, at the top of the screen it can be specified the scheme that will be filled in the next game.

As you enter the main game menu, you will see how the current game is going. Basically you can to watch this process during some time to understand it better in the future. When you decide to buy tickets, you will need to click "Next Game" in the field with tickets, then you will see a window with the option to purchase (Ticket Purchaser).

And now more about the options:

"Sales Close in" - the time before the end of the sale of tickets and beginning of the next game.

"Tickets Purchased" - shows how many tickets you bought.

Next, you will see the scale with "slider" and the buttons below (3, 6, 9, 12, 24 and Max) and under all of this stuff you will see the button "Tickets Selected". All of this relates to the choice of the number of tickets that you can choose the way you like: you can move "slider" by clicking the button with the right amount, or simply type the desired number in the column "Tickets Selected".
Ticket Purchaser
If you prefer tickets or with specific numbers or their locations in the cards, you can see all of the offered cards and select them by clicking on them with the mouse.

"Ticket Price" - the price of one ticket.

"Total Price" - the total value of the ticket.

When you have selected, you must click "Confirm", to confirm your choice and to buy tickets.

You can also set up automatic ticketing - "Autobuy". It is a handy option if you want to participate in several games in a row. When you choose this option, you will be offered to choose a number of games "Number of games to buy for", as well as a number of cards for each game "Number of cards per game". Still, you can specify a maximum ticket price "Max Ticket Price" (you have to tick if you want to activate this option).

The button "Bulkbuy" is a kind of calendar of games, where you can pre-buy tickets for the next game.
In some games, you can choose your "lucky numbers” (Lucky Numbers), which means to order specific numbers that you want to see on the tickets, and keep this selection for the next games.

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