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Deposit and withdrawal of money on gaming sites

So you've decided to start playing bingo online for money and first thing you need is to update your account, or, in other words, make a deposit.
In general, this operation is fairly simple, even simpler than the registration, and it takes about 1-2 minutes. The time of adding up money to the account depends on the payment system which you have chosen to pay.

Note that often to withdraw money and to add up money the same method is used
(except for terminals, sms and some other methods). That means if you make a deposit, for example, via PayPal, you will have to withdraw the money using the same method. Take this into consideration when choosing a payment method.

To make a deposit, you need to find a link or a button that leads to the cashier of the gaming site. It is most often located in the upper right corner next to your customer data on the site (i.e. the place where you enter the username / password). The names of the button may be different, but usually it is called "Deposit" or "Banking".

DepositThen you will have to choose a method of deposit. Absolutely all sites accept plastic cards (credit and debit) Visa and MasterCard, and payments via Moneybookers (Skrill), which also is linked to a bank account or a card. These methods, in our opinion, will be the most convenient for most players. Although, you can also use such systems as Neteller and PayPal, depending on your preferences.

Let us explain how to make a deposit on the example of William Hill Bingo cashier system and credit card method of payment.

Deposit plastic cardIn the "Debit Card number" field enter the card number (without spaces) that is stamped on its face side.

Then in the "Card Holder Name" field enter the card holder’s name, just as it is shown on the card. By the way, it is better to use your own card, but not your wife’s or friend’s card, etc because you will be able to deposit with this card but most likely you will not be able to withdraw the win with this cars. Security service does not sleep!

Next, fill the "Expiry date" - a field with the expiration date of the card. It is also stamped on the face side of the card, next to the name and last name. Just select the right numbers in the drop down menu.

"Security Code" (also called the "CVV") is the last three digits at the back side of the card shown after the number (in the signature area.) Just enter the three digits in the "Security Code" field.

In the field "Amount" enter the amount of the money in the currency chosen when registered. Usually a help window with the least possible amount of the deposit pops up before the adding of the money.

That's it. Then press the "Deposit" and if you've spelled correctly the name and your card is all right, then after a few seconds (maybe a little more) the money will be added to your account.

When you pay, for example, via Moneybookers (Skrill) everything is even easier. Enter the e-mail (“tied” to the account), the amount and press the "Deposit". Next, you will still have to enter the payment password and so-called "safety number" (characters from the picture). Payment via Moneybookers (Skrill) online on William Hill Bingo is right in cashier.

After the money is in the account, you can buy tickets and start the game. See the following article to know how to do this...

Note: the withdrawal of the money is done exactly the same way as the add up, we recommend only check in advance the minimum of money you can withdraw on every site.
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