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The chances to win at bingo

Bingo!So, what are your chances of winning at bingo online?

This is, first of all, depends on the type of game. It is important to understand the difference between the final game, "Jackpot" (or "on track") and other games session, that use any other schemes, because the number of the balls pulled out is limited in the "Jackpot".

When fifty numbers are pulled out which is a maximum for the full payment in "Jackpot", the odds of winning are 1 to 212,086 for a player with one card. This is the best chance to win that you can expect if you play in the "jackpot". But you will probably not have even those chances.

If you play a game where only forty nine numbers are pulled out, the chances of winning drop to 1 in 407,857. For a game forty-eight numbers are pulled out, the chances are less than 1 to 799,399! If no one wins and the game continues with a reduced jackpot, your odds are higher, of course, with a decrease in the amount of the prize. The chances double with each pulled out ball, as an optimist would note. But a pessimist would object that the odds are still greatly against you: 1 to 112,284 for fifty-one ball, one to 60,458 for the fifty-two balls, one to 33,081 for the fifty-three balls. Even if the leader pulls five numbers more, your chances are only 1 in 10 359. By the sixties the ball you are about 1 in 5000 or so. Maybe you start to feel happier, but you are still fighting against imposing odds. That's why winners are rare in the game "jackpot".

As you understand, the chances of winning are higher when fewer cells are used in the scheme of the game and when the leader pulls the numbers until someone wins. But still what are the odds that you will win?

Whether simple or complex scheme is used in the game, you have to try to calculate the number of cards to play with in this game (or at least take into account the number of players). Many players use a half dozen or a dozen cards, especially in the games with higher pay. If the game is played with 200 cards, every single card has a chance to win 1 of 200. If you play with five cards, your chances increase, but only slightly, to 1 in 40, but your investments also rise. And what if the other 199 players also have five cards (or even more)?

Some people believe that their chances of winning increase in proportion to the number of cards that they play with. This might be true but the benefits most players thinks about is not that big. Just look at our example of 200 cards in the game. Your chances go way up from 1 in 200 to 1 in 40 if you play with five of these cards, but not with just one card. But consider your chances from a different angle: by paying five times more for the game you only reduce your chances of losing from 199 of the 200 to 195 of 200. And you also lose your money five times faster.

To sum up, before you put the money and get the card, if you assess the game and try to recalculate your odds at least in your mind, it will certainly pay off. The more cards you play with the more fun you will certainly have. But the key to win is to come into play only when there are as few cards (or players) that want to get the money as possible.

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