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History of Bingo – how game was born and became popular

You may already be familiar with the bingo game, or at least might have seen it in American movies: small children play it around the church, while their parents or grandparents play bingo in the church social room. But there are probably a lot of things you do not know about this game.
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For example, you may not know how bingo was born. And this is not surprising because no one knows for sure. The most plausible version is that bingo has evolved from the Italian lottery, which dates back to the year 1530 and is still popular today as "lotto".

It spread to Europe and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The current form of the game dates back to approximately 1880. In the early twentieth century, it was known as "Beano" and it was played on rural fairs in all the territory of the United States. The game was following: the leader pulled numbered discs from a cigar box and players used dried beans to mark the numbers on their cards until someone shouts "Beano!".

According to the legend, a toy salesman of toys from New York, Edwin S. Lau was once among the visitors of one of such fairs in 1930s. Loitering around the place where the people were playing "Beano" at a carnival in Florida, he was struck by the simplicity and popularity of the game. He brought the game to New York.

It is said that once a woman won the game and shouted in excitement "Bingo". Lau easily gathered the huge popularity of this simple game and its unusual random name and then improved the game and released it to the market.

Lotto (Lototron)Bingo became even more popular as social organizations sponsored games in order to multiply their funds. When legalized in New York and New Jersey in the 1950s, it went out of churches and public buildings to the casino.

According to calculations, about $ 10 billion is played annually in about 50,000 bingo-halls in North America. According to a recent national study of gambling, 75 percent of the 1,200 Americans polled said they approve of Bingo, while only 69 percent expressed approval of the state lotteries, and 62 percent approved the legalization of gambling in general.

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