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Lotto (Loto) - family, gambling game

Russian Lotto (Loto)Many people, especially those who lived in the former Soviet Union, have certainly preserved memories of childhood, when bad weather ruined all the plans for a walk on the street and family gathered together to play the Lotto (Loto).

The number of participants, age and knowledge did not matter, everyone could play. Host of the game at a random took out a barrel out of the bag and declared the figure which was drawn on it.
To make the game funnier and more diverse, host of the game used proverbs: 1 - pole, 11 - drum sticks, 12 - dozen, 13 - a Baker's dozen 22 - ducklings.

In a quiet summer evening in the yard of a large house neighbors took seats around the table and the game began. They took a set of cards and the same bag full of barrels with numbers from 1 to 90. The game started, when everyone got their cards: 25 - again, 25, 44 - chairs, 50 – half of century, 55 - gloves, 77 - hatchets, 88 - grandmother, 89 - my grandfather's neighbor, 90 - grandfather.
Players closed raffles on their cards with card chips. The first player who closed all the numbers on the cards, turned out to be the winner.

There are few options in the game. For example, in the "short one" Lotto winner is the one who closes any horizontal line first.

There was a game: "three to three", where all the participants had to make bids. Half of the Bank could take the player, who crossed out the middle row first.
If the player filled all the top line first, all other players had to all double bets, except the lucky winner. But the first one, who had closed the bottom line turned out to be a winner.

The game of Lotto has been popular not only in the USSR. No one knows who the inventor of this game was and when exactly it appeared. But the history knows some interesting facts related to this game. For example, in 1521, the Venice Senate was forced to ban Lotto, as Italians were pretty much fascinated by this game. However, this fact did not prevent the game from becoming a newfangled entertainment and later it conquered the whole Europe.

The principle of Lotto is used these days in making many developing children's games. The picture of letters, animals and object are used instead of numbers there.

Americans play Bingo which is one of the varieties of Lotto games. In the United States in the late 19th century dried beans were used instead of kegs and chips that is how the game gained its name.American Bingo"Bean", which meant the bean itself ("Beano!") was a cry of those who won, later it turned into a "Bingo". It is one of the versions of the appearance of the game and how it gained the modern name.

American Bingo differs from Lotto games, as it has only 75 numbers instead of 90. The player, who fills one of the lines in the card, is going to be awarded with a prize for the line.

To become a winner and get a main prize the player had to close all five lines on the card (nowadays in Bingo, are used different winning schemes on 75 balls, which obviously makes the game more exciting!).

Today, Bingo is played in churches, in the casinos, in specially equipped halls, and, of course, in online bingo rooms. In the United States, about 10$ billion annually remains in the bingo halls, but people still believe this game to be kind and family-like.

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