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What is the lottery? Instant and draw lotteries

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What do people associate with the word "Lottery"? Perhaps, first of all with the words: success, destiny, the lot. Almost guessed! If we translate this word from Italian "lotto" - than it means destiny, in Frankish "hlot" - is the lot, in English "lot" - is a destiny. All of them are Roman group of languages, therefore, it is difficult for linguists to determine which language the word "Lottery" came from. Despite the diversity in interpretation, all of these translations are really acceptable for this concept.

The main principle of the lottery is a lot, which, as we know, people used long time ago. For example, in the Bible one can find references to the first sign of a lottery. One described case evidences this in the Book of Numbers, (Chapter 26), when Moses divided the land among the tribes using the lot. It was believed that the will of God operates by lottery.

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Lottery today.

Current face of the lottery is different – as it is more a game than a fate. As a rule, this game is well organized, but the distribution of the profits and losses still happens accidently, which, in one way or another, depends on the type of lottery. Besides lottery - is the way of accumulation of funds for different purposes in the state level.

Draw lotteries.

In the draw lotteries the numbers should be guessed, which are falling out by the raffle. Most people think that "Lotto" is a draw lottery. As a rule, these draws are established by the state and distributed in large quantities. The lion's share of the income from lottery goes for needs of the state programs of development of sport, education, philanthropy, etc. In such a lottery player byes a ticket, and fills it with numbers. Prizes can be different, as they depend on how many numbers you can match. The greatest prize - «jackpot» can be won in case when all the numbers are guessed.

Instant (momentary) lotteries.

These lotteries mainly have some themes and are very attractive due to their fast hand at online casinos, where they are called - "Scratch" (from the English “scratch”). The rules of the lottery are stated on the ticket, the win is instant, after you scratch of the protective layer. Numbers, icons, or pictures, inform you about the result of the draw, you can also check if your ticket is winning by yourself and immediately receive the prize (within a certain amount).

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