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Varieties of lottery drums (Lotto draw machines)

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Lottery drumIntegral attribute of any lottery or bingo is raffle drum - a transparent container (often in the form of hexagonal prisms or sphere), in which the balls or tickets with numbers are shuffled. But for online bingo this option is no longer relevant (balls there are mixed in a virtual drum), but in raffles of  TV lotteries and in the game in many land based bingo halls still are used mechanical lottery drum.

Lotto machines are divided into two types, on the basis of how the balls are falling out from the drum. Some of them are based on the force of gravity, others on the air stream. In any case lottery drum is used to compile a random combination of balls. Such type of equipment has to have a mandatory certification.

A necessary condition for operation of the lotto machine is its permanent presence in the frame of the TV broadcast and in the most visible place, if we are talking about the bingo hall. People will see that neither one of the balls falls out of their sight. That is the way how the possibility of fraud is excluded. These conditions cannot give absolute guarantee, but still show the raffle and allows players to trust lottery in a greater degree.

Air lotto machineLotto draw machines, which are based on the gravity considered to be more reliable than air based. They are making combinations using rubber (heavy) bulbs, which are placed in transparent plastic container. Two spades inside of this container are mixing balls with numbers. When the door at the bottom of the container opens randomly, balls roll down one by one in a transparent tube on a special platform where they remain until the end of the raffle.

In the air lotto machine the flow of the is are used and it moves the balls. In this case, very light balls with numbers are used. Inside of the transparent container stream of air raises all the balls up and mixes them. Periodically the valve of the machine opens, through which the ball flies into the tube and rolls to the platform for the raffled balls.

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