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Numerical Methods: concentration of numbers, equal distribution

win bingoOne guidance for the regular win at bingo gives recommendations about for how to achieve the numerical advantage using the theory of probability. It advises the players to study the regularity of numbers that fall along the game, and then try to choose a card that corresponds to this regularity. This guide also includes selection of cards with multiple numbers of the "middle level", although the meaning of the term, is not clear!

There is a suggestion that you should choose a card covering a wide range of numbers. Someone has calculated that in three randomly chosen cards, combining 72 cells there will be on average 22 duplicate numbers and 25 missing numbers. Thus, it is proved that one should choose a card that contains as many different numbers out of seventy-five as possible. This makes sense, it we consider that to guess many numbers a game gives some kind of psychological support, but some players may argue that one number on the three cards is as useful as three numbers one on each card.

More than that this strategy does not work for "on track" games or the jackpot. In fact, for these games the opposite strategy is recommended: you should choose a card with as many duplicate numbers as possible (the location of the duplicate numbers does not matter.) This is a method of concentration numbers. To maximize this strategy, try to choose about six numbers (odd and even, large and small) that are heavily duplicated. The purpose of this strategy is to fill in as many cells as soon as possible before Forty-eight of the fifty numbers pull out. You should also buy as many cards as possible, if you play the game "on track" or the jackpot.

Even risking to make it more frustrating, nevertheless, we should note that some players are encouraged to play a different strategy "on track" called the method of equal distribution. This strategy involves the selection of cards that cover as many numbers out of 75 as possible.

So, there are two different approaches to winning in the game "on track". Which one is the most reasonable? It is up to you to decide. You might want to experiment both methods. There must be a reason why the experts of bingo disagree so much!

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