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Online registration on bingo or any other gaming site

It’s not that difficult to sigh in at any bingo site as it might seem at first glance. In fact, it takes only a couple of minutes.

The main condition for the registration is to enter the true data
, preferably the information that you have in your passport, well, or at least the information you will be able to confirm in case requested. The data is sometimes checked on the gaming sites at the moment of the withdrawal, especially if a large sum of money is withdrawn. To verify the information it is usually required to send a scan of the passport, and possibly one more document that proves your residential address. So, you see how important it is to fill in your real data.

For those who may have difficulty while registering, we will explain the process step by step, at least this procedure is almost the same on all gaming sites. By the way, the registration forms are almost always filled with Latin letters (with some exceptions). And now, step by step:

Registration on a game siteNickname - it is simple, just choose a nickname on the site. This is how the others will call you in chats that exists in every bingo room.

Email - specify your e-mail.

Confirm Email - once again enter the email to confirm.

First Name - enter your first name.

Last Name - enter your last name.

Date Of Birth - date of birth (it’s better not to cheat).

Gender - gender, simply choose from the two proposed.

Address Line 1 – it is often asked to indicate here the address that you provide when do any banking transactions.

Address Line 2 - here you can enter your actual address, if you live at a place different from that specified for bank documents.

City - city of residence, sometimes you can select it from the list, but more often it must be entered manually.
County - County, District.

Post Code – fill in your zip code.

Country - a country, usually simply selected from the list.

Telephone No - your phone number, you can fill in the cell. You should fill in the number in the international format, i.e.: country code (e.g. 44, tel. code for UK), city code in brackets and then the number itself. Fill in the cell number also with a plus.

Currency - sometimes, when you register, you can select the game currency you like.

Password - enter a password, and you’d better keep it somewhere.

Confirm Password - Enter the password again to confirm.

Then tick to confirm that you have read all the rules of the site, and agree with them, and click the button "Register" (may be "Submit", "Confirm", etc.), basically “to register”.

After that, you will receive "welcome" letter with a registration confirmation to your e-mail from the site and perhaps it will show you your username / password. Sometimes, there is a link that you have to hit in order to confirm your registration.

After you receive this letter, you can enter the site under your login / password, and, for example, try to play something for free (if available) or just watch the game. In fact, many bingo rooms offer a non-deposit bonus that you can get after registration and try to play with it.

When you decide to play with real money, you will need to start, update your account (make a deposit) to do this, see the following article...
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