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The system of tracking the numbers - bingo strategy

BINGOSome players protect the system of tracking the numbers. To use this system, according to one expert, you have to play up to four cards per game. You take a piece of paper for each session on which there are numbers from 1 to 75, then you mark the numbers called during the entire session of the games. Do this for at least five sessions (assuming that you are constantly playing in a bingo-room, and that the same mechanism of distribution of the numbers is used in each game). Then you look through your lists and count the number of times each of the 75 numbers was chosen. Divide this number by 75 to determine the relative probability of each number. Then the next time you play bingo online choose the cards with the numbers that were taken more frequently before according to your calculations.

One important thing that should be kept in mind when a friend or any book recommends you any kind of mathematical system is that too much depends on the type of game. A guide that advises the players to focus on "winning" the cells, can bring you an advantage, but only in a "direct" bingo. Such system does not give you any advantage, if you, for example, play with the scheme "H".
In addition, you may not be free to choose the card you want. In this case, of course, no mathematical system will help you to win.

We should add that this situation can be very frustrating to you if you were going to play a certain combination of numbers. But in general, there is little reason to worry, since it is estimated that there are 111 007 923 832 370 565 possible configurations of the twenty-four numeric cells!

In general, whatever may be said about the bingo, it is still a lottery.

Consider the following definition of a lottery:
"The Lottery is any scheme of transmission or distribution of property based on the odds of people who have paid or promised to pay for any chance of getting the values of such property or any part thereof, or any property per se on any agreement, understanding or expectation that it will be distributed or transmitted by lot, or on occasion, under whatever name it may happen".

It is an example of legal gobbledygook, but this definition, of course, applies to the Bingo as a game of chance (if you're curious, this passage is taken from the laws of the game in Nevada, United States, where gambling is officially permitted), and where millions of people play bingo for money every year.

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