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The win at bingo - how to increase your chances

Win at BINGO!So how do you increase your chances of winning?

Well, since bingo is basically a game of chance, like a lottery, from which it leads its origins, probably the best way to win (or at least to lose a minimum) is to avoid the games where the chances to win are the lowest.

Choosing a game, pay attention to the price of the tickets (cards), the amount of the bank, the number of players participating in the game and the number of cells to be filled in the proposed scheme.

Compare, for example, a game that costs $1 per card with the win of $50 (if you fill the entire card) with approximately 100 players participate and the game, which costs the same $1 per card with the win of $100 with 200 players. Your chances of winning, of course, are better in the first game: 1 in 100 to 1 in 200. But the win (50 to 1 against 100 to 1) makes both games almost equal, if you play bingo for money, but not just to win.

Remember that few gambling games as well as bingo return such a low percentage of the money invested. The way bingo is played takes on average from 25 to 40 percent of the money invested. The best pay out that you can find is 80 percent.

If you hope to win, it is important to understand the system of payment.
The best chance to win is to find the games that are played in the worst conditions: that means that there is everything that can reduce the number of players (or, more precisely, the number of cards in the game) and this will improve your chances. Well, as for the conditions, it’s related mostly to the real bingo games in hall (read about these features and tricks in the next article). As far as online bingo, you can simply look for the games with decent pay and minimum number of participants (what is basically quite difficult but possible in pretty unknown bingo rooms).

We have also mentioned that many players try to improve their chances of winning by playing with a large number of cards. This strategy is statistically correct: players who play more cards are closer to victory, but they also put more money into the game, and (as experts of the game believe) their chances to lose are almost the same. Of course, if you can get a discount by buying multiple cards and not pay the full price, then you have a small advantage in financial terms.

Some experts advise players to buy and take as many numbers when they have maximum four cards and enough opportunities for investments. However, this strategy is unlikely to be good even if you have four cards. Many bingo players believe that the cards that contain certain numbers in certain cells of the cards are more likely to win, for example the diagonal and corners or "winning" cell in the "direct" 75 balls bingo (these are the cells in any row of five, including the center free cell). They believe in "lucky" numbers that have some special importance to them.
Do people who have "lucky numbers" win more? No, but they may be more eager to get involved into the game than other players. If you play not just to earn money, this excitement can be a significant part of the game of bingo.

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